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Tissue Management for Fixed Partial Dentures

Calling all CEU School of Dentistry Graduates, CEU Malolos Dentistry Graduates and Dentists. There will be a Scientific Seminar on Aug. 23, 2012 at 10am to 2pm in CEU Malolos. This Scientific Seminar is in coordination with PDA Bulacan Chapter (KADEBU). All KADEBU Dentists are also invited. A seminar fee of P250.00 will be collected. Lunch is included. Topics are: Tissue Management for Fixed Partial Dentures by Dr....


Gold onlay for tooth number 16.

Fixed Partial Denture Repair

In some cases, it is favorable to repair a fractured fixed partial denture rather than removing it because of cost, inadequate time, possibility of trauma to the abutment and the difficulty of removing the fixed prosthesis. The effectiveness of adhesive systems and strenth of fiber reinforced composite resin can be very useful to repair cases of fractured FPDs. Repaired fixed partial dentures should be resistant to...

Biomechanical Preparation for Fixed Partial Dentures

Proper biomechanical tooth preparation in crowns and fixed partial dentures is essential if success is to be achieved in terms of optimum function, esthetics, structural durability and maintenance of periodontal health. Dental practitioners have to control several factors as tooth contour and anatomy among several criteria to achieve functionally and esthetically acceptable FPDs. Incorrect tooth preparation can have...

Removable Partial Denture Internal Attachments

The principle of internal attachment was first formulated by Dr. Herman E.S. Chayes in 1906. Internal attachment has 2 major advantages over extracoronal attachment It eliminates the visible retentive and support components. It has better vertical support through a rest seat located more favorably in relation to the horizontal axis of abutment tooth. Disadvantages of Internal Attachments They require prepared...
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